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Track Racing in Italy with 2016 Olympic Champion

Photo of Elia Viviani on Bayley’s wheel while racing in Torino, Italy, by scandurramichele.com

Bayley and Aidan flew to Milan, Italy, to take part in two popular Track Cycling events: “6 Giorni di Torini Internazionale” and “Tre Sere Internazionale Citta di Pordenone”.  This little road trip saw them drive a cargo van, with all their bikes & equipment, over 1700 km!  Well worth the drive, as the boys not only got an opportunity to race madison together (for the first time), they also raced individually against world class track cyclists, including the current Olympic Champion, Elia Viviani, at both events!  Every event had up to 40 racers, as both velodromes had large, 400m concrete, outdoor tracks!

Some highlights: Pordenone- 1st for Bayley & Aidan “Couples Flying Lap” and for Aidan in Solo Flying Lap, 3rd for Bayley in the Points Race, and 6th overall for the pair in the Madison 3 day event.  Torino- 7th for Bayley in both the Scratch and Tempo races.   Bravissimo!

Torino (2)  Bayley & Aidan couple flying lap win  Torino (1)  BayAidanMadison sling  Bay italy  Bayley & Aidan Tre Sere di Pordenone

Photo Credits & Thanks to:  scandurramichele.com and treserecittadiprodenone.com

Live FB Videos of races on July 16th & 18th are also available thanks to Andrea Rastello and Velodromo Francone (both via Facebook)

More Photos & Results:

Risultati – en – 20170727


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