Bayley Leads Omnium Day 1 at 2015 Canadian Track Championships
October 11, 2015
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October 16, 2015
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Bayley Defends National Title as 2015 Canadian Champion!

Bayley convincingly defended his National Title in the Omnium, winning the 2015 Junior Men’s  Track Cycling Canadian Championship!!! 

Strength, consistency, perseverance and nerves of steel are just a few of the things you need to win the Omnium, and once again, Bayley proved he has what it takes!  He lead the Omnium standings from start to finish, racing the bunch races particularly well!

Bayley began the second day of the Omnium just 4 and 8 points ahead of Evan Burtnik of Alberta, and Pierre-Andre Cote of Quebec.  After the 1Kilometer Time Trial and Flying Lap events, Bayley had increased his lead, with Evan and Pierre-Andre now 8 and 12 points behind.  However, the final Omnium event, the Points Race, can completely change the overall Omnium standings, as there are points up for grabs on each of 10 sprints, and a bonus 20 points available to anyone who can lap the field during the race!

Controlling his destiny, Bayley put on a spectacular show in the final 100 lap Points Race!  He attacked and chased, and even lapped the field.  He earned points in 6 of 10 sprints, actually winning 4 of them, including an incredible attack to take the final sprint of the race!  Bayley held his gold medal position throughout the race, steadily increasing his lead to 25 points.  Meanwhile, there was some serious shuffling of the overall points for 2nd and 3rd place, as phenomenal efforts by Quebec riders Thierry Kirouac-Marcassa and Pierre-Andre Cote earned them silver and bronze.

Bayley solidified his Omnium win by racing aggressively, yet with grace… showing how he is truly the best all around Junior track cyclist in Canada, and deserving of the title: National Champion!

Enormous thanks to all family, friends, coaches, fellow cyclists, donors & sponsors, Ontario Cycling and Cycling Canada for your continued interest, support, encouragement and belief in Bayley!

** Watch the VIDEO of this incredible Points Race – Bayley is in the red, white & black Jet Fuel kit #201 **
(Video doesn’t do justice to how well these young men actually raced, live… but it gives you a taste of the excitement!)

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